I Help Kingdom Messengers Become Bestselling Authors

Even with no prior writing experience or big social media following; without a big mailing list, author platform or any of the other things you've been told you need to succeed.

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Hi, I'm Donna Partow

Million-Copy Bestselling Author

For more than 32 years, God has enabled me to write one bestselling book after another. Now, in this season, He has called me to raise up new voices...like yours.

Maybe you're like Josh. Josh had a message burning in his heart.

He knew there was a book inside of him...but he didn't think anyone would give him a chance. He felt frustrated and trapped in a Catch-22. All the experts told him he couldn't get his book in print until he "built a following"...but then he was told that the best way to build a following was by...writing a book!

As soon as he shared his vision with me – the lessons he'd learned, the lives he wanted to touch, the difference he wanted to make – I believed in him. So I did for him what others had done for me.

I used my writing experience and book marketing savvy to help him turn his idea into a New York Times bestseller, now with more than 1.2 million copies sold.

Since then, I've been honored to help EVERY ONE of my book launch clients reach the status of #1 bestseller on Amazon - which is where 70% of all books are sold today. After thirty years in the publishing industry, I have this down to a proven system.

The most exciting part to me is this: I not only help people launch their books, I help them launch movements or whole new careers. My clients say their entire lives go to a new level after I take them "From Idea to Amazon #1 Bestselling Author."

From Idea to #1 in 23 Days

Or maybe you can relate to John & Judy. They had been mentoring people in their local church for years, teaching Financial Success God's Way.

They felt God tugging on their heart to write a book that would reach a much wider audience.

Following my system, their book skyrocketed to #1 in multiple categories in just 23 days. They had no mailing list, no social media, no "platform." They started from zero, which is right where you may be today, yet were able to launch an online movement of thousands. As of this writing, their book has more than 500 5-star reviews. As John says, "Donna set us on a whole new trajectory for our lives."

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Can I ask you a question?

Is God calling YOU to a higher level of impact and income? There's no faster or better way to position yourself for the next level than becoming... an Amazon #1 bestselling author. But here's my concern. There is so much misleading information out there.

Sadly, most of what you've been told about what to write and how to go about this is DEAD WRONG.

Imagine...going to all the effort of writing a book, even publishing it...and CRICKETS!!! No one buys it, no one reviews it. All that work for what? Here's the kinda scary part no one talks about: the vast majority of books on Amazon never sell a single copy. That means, your mom doesn't even buy your book. OUCH!!!

That's what I want to help you avoid. By the end of these three hours, I promise you will know exactly which pitfalls to avoid including the #1 mistake made by 90% of authors. Of course, I'm also going to show you exactly how to do this right so that you can definitely be among the Top 10% of Amazon authors.

Because here's the thing: Everyone who has followed my program —yes, I mean everyone — has achieved the coveted rank of Amazon #1 Bestseller. We typically see 3,000-5,000 Kindle downloads in the first 30 days. That's what I want for you. I want your book to be a smashing success. And your mom will be so proud, she'll buy your book by the case load.

If you're ready to step into your destiny, then The Book Launch 3-Hour Masterclass is for you! In just 3 hours, you'll get a crash course on how to become an Amazon #1 bestselling author. Some of the topics covered include:

How to Quickly Bring Your Passion to The World Using The Power of a Bestselling Book.

How to Get The Ideas Out of Your Head and Into a Book Without Stress or Writer’s Block

3 Secrets to the Amazon Algorithm They Don’t Want You to Know!

​The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made by Most Authors That Stop Them Cold (And How to Avoid Them)

The #1 Thing You HAVE TO CRUSH & It Happens Before You Hit Publish (Without This Your Book WILL Fail)

As soon as you register, you'll get instant access to this incredible training, which was recorded LIVE. And you will have lifetime access to the recordings! Find out how to make the Tech Giants YOUR servants. Because God made you to be the head and not the tail. Let's do this together!

I will show you how!

A Quick Message

From My Heart to Yours!

Hint: This quick video reveals the TRUTH about why and how I created this training! So if you want the inside scoop, be sure to hit play on the video below. (I probably should have fixed my hair and put on makeup, but I was just excited to share what God was doing! So please excuse my imperfect appearance. More proof that you don't have to be perfect to be a Kingdom Messenger!!!)

Picture Your Book Here

Join our Growing Family of Kingdom Messengers & Let's Make Your Publishing Dreams a Reality. Together.

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My clients report that launching their book was a total game-changer, taking them from unknown to "must-know" status. They can divide their lives into two parts: BEFORE they launched their book. And AFTER...when they became the go-to person on their topic.

Now it's your turn.

When you become an Amazon #1 Bestselling author, your credibility will instantly skyrocket. Whether you offer a membership program, coaching, consulting, or speaking engagements, you can expect the demand for you and your message to hit an entirely new level.

This training is for any author...but it's especially powerful if you have a message or method that can really make a difference in people's lives. If that's the case, your book will be a powerful tool that opens many doors for you. It's the ultimate business card.

There's no need for you to struggle. Not when someone else has already blazed the trail. You can learn from my smartest moves—and quickly imitate them. But you can also learn from my worst mistakes—and easily avoid them! That's why I hope you'll step through this wide open door...and get instant access to this incredible training.

Includes Special Bonus Training

"AI for Authors"

How to Use the Latest Technology Tool

(Artificial Intelligence)

to Write Faster & Better Than You Ever Thought Possible!"

You'll get an in-depth look at how to use the hottest AI tool - ChatGPT - so YOU can become a content creation expert.

From generating book ideas, to creating an outline, gathering quotes and anectodes, even writing and editing. You'll be absolutely astonished at what Artificial Intelligence can create.

NOW IS THE TIME to take advantage of this tech tool to create so much content that your message simply can't be ignored.

This 2-part Bonus Training is valued at $97. Yours FREE when you enroll in the Book Launch 3-Hour Masterclass today.

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You'll even get instant access to an incredible demonstration of how you can use the hottest new thing on the internet, ChatGPT.

Find out why everyone's talking about AI.


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Your Step-by-Step Guide

to Self-Publishing

with Amazon

I'm also giving you instant access to my Amazon #1 Bestseller, Getting Started with Amazon KDP. With clear illustrations, this full-length 154--page book is the perfect companion resource to help you quickly get your book in print and on Kindle.

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Secrets from a Million-Copy Bestselling Author

Find out exactly what it takes to write the kind of book people will buy and be changed by. And why most book marketing happens long before you write a single sentence. In fact, you'll discover that once your book is in print, it's probably too late to try marketing it! I hold nothing back: I share exactly how I've been able to consistently write one bestseller after another.

They Did It.

So Can You.

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$297 value

Save $250! Today just $47

You have questions.

We have answers.

Some things you may be wondering about...

What if I'm not sure what I want to write about yet?

No problem. We'll talk about the best way to decide which book you should write (you probably have lots of ideas!)

What if I'm not tech savvy? I don't even know what AI is!

You'll find out how EASY this new technology is to use! While others are cowering in fear, that's the time to step up and boldly made the most of this opportunity.

Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) dangerous or evil?

AI is just like any other tool. Evil people will use it for evil purposes. But God's people can and should use it to spread the Gospel further than ever before.

The truth is, if you are using a smartphone, you are already using AI. If you use a GPS, you are already using AI. If you use social media, Google search or a streaming service, you are already using AI.

The only difference is that AI is costing you time and money. Now, for the first time in history, you can use AI to expand your impact and increase your income.

That's why, all of a sudden, the Tech Giants who have happily used AI to make money are "deeply concerned" that the average person might be able to use those exact same tools to benefit themselves and the world around them.

What if I can't watch the training right away?

No worries, you will have permanent access to all of the training!

Position Yourself for Exponential Increase

In just 3 hours, you'll discover exactly how to quickly turn your message into an Amazon #1 Bestselling book to skyrocket your impact, influence and income. I've already helped many Kingdom Messengers, just like you, turn what they already know into a life-changing book that makes a difference in people's lives. Now it's your turn!

Today, you can save $250 on The Book Launch 3-Hour Masterclass. PLUS get the bonus "AI for Authors" 2-part training, so you can write better and faster than you ever imagined. I'm even going to give you access to the ebook editions of my Amazon bestsellers, Getting Started with Amazon KDP and Successful Book Launch Secrets. What are you waiting for? This is your moment. Just think, three hours from now, you can be well on your way to the top of Amazon's charts!

My "Above & Beyond Guarantee

I know you are a child of God. You're probably one of His favorites! That's why I am always 100% committed to going Above & Beyond with everything I offer.

This course material is going to be absolutely life-changing for you. In fact, if you go through the Book Launch 3-Hour Masterclass nd decide I didn't go Above & Beyond, just let me know. I'll send back every penny you paid.



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